Pakistan Community Centre (Pakistan Welfare Association)

We are a voluntary and charity organisation. We began in 1965 as the Pakistan Workers Association to help the newly arrived migrant workforce from the subcontinent with jobs, housing and other social needs. PWA has evolved into a community force given its pivotal support to local matters, including participation in the Homeless Project along with Churches and other bodies, providing shelter and food to those most disadvantaged in society. It also works avidly in various charitable schemes; is in partnership with the Metropolitan Police, Brent Council, Brent Voluntary Sector, resident associations and other voluntary organisations to assist in the safety and protection of the community; conducts voluntary work on a daily basis such as language teaching, engaging with youth and the elderly to ensure the betterment of the community as a whole.


Marley Walk, Station Parade, London, NW2 4PU


Mohammad Sajid


020 8452 4103