Thames 21



Thames21 is an environmental charity that engages people in practical volunteering activities to care for waterways across Greater London. The charity builds sustainable relationships between urban communities and the local, natural waterways. Urban waterways are not just vital sanctuaries for wildlife, but can also have a huge impact on a community’s quality of life. The charity believes that once connected to a river, community interests and cohesion develop through a wide range of activities, including wildlife habitat creation, riverside planting, and art and education programmes. The charity has since expanded its range of activities to engage with local communities, including education with schools and voluntary groups on topics such as understanding urban waterways, what problems they are facing, and how to solve these problems. Initially established as a research project in 1994, Thames21 became an independent charity in 2004. It continued to expand and develop projects, and today engages with over 30,000 people on waterways across London including management of the Welsh Harp Environmental Education Centre since 2016.


Walbrook Wharf, 78-83 Upper Thames Street, London, EC4R 3TD


: Edel Fingleton


020 7248 7171