Edward Harvist Trust Fund (EHTF)

Applications Open

All applications received will be assessed and applicants notified of the outcome in September 2021.

The Edward Harvist Trust (EHT) gives grants of up to £5,000 towards one off projects and expenditure to organisations that work to improve the quality of life for local people in Brent.

Who can apply?

  • voluntary or community organisations
  • registered charities
  • constituted not-for-profit groups or clubs*
  • Organisations able to comply with the council’s Grant aid standard conditions

*Must have operated for at least 12 months at the time of application with evidence of appropriate governance and policies, quality assurance and effective financial management. Length of operation may be wavered if related to a Covid–19 response.

What you can get funding for?

Funding for equipment or one off activities, which contribute to:

  • The relief of the elderly and poor inhabitants of the London Borough of Brent (and other Boroughs);
  • The relief of distress and sickness among the said inhabitants;
  • The provision and support of facilities for recreation and other leisure time occupation;
  • The provision and support of education facilities for the said inhabitants;
  • Any other charitable purpose.
  • Equipment for the benefit of Brent residents or one off events/activities based in the borough for the benefit of Brent residents.
  • Funding for an Emergency Response to the Covid

How much can you apply for?

  • up to £5,000 per year for one-off projects that have 30% match funding. Match funding may be wavered if related to a Covid – 19 response. 

Before you apply

Apply now

Apply for the Edward Harvist Trust fund 


More information

 Examples of community projects that have been funded

  • Funding for improvement to security systems
  • Specialist equipment for use in clubs and projects
  • Cost of trips for users within a programme

 How your application will be assessed

Applications will be assessed by a Panel of Brent Staff against

  • Meeting Grant Criteria
  • All paper work and policies submitted
  • Value for Money
  • References


Projects are monitored on

  • evidence of services delivery
  • expenditure and copies of receipts of the full cost of the project

Contact Edward Harvist

If you have any questions, please contact edwardharvist@brent.gov.uk