This page provides advice to landlords and agents, who own and manage privately rented properties, included those properties which are licensed in Brent, during the coronavirus pandemic.

Changes to possession rules

To protect renters from being made homeless, the Government has announced a series of temporary changes to evictions and restrictions on landlords regaining possession of their property until further notice.

We urge all landlords to work with their tenants to reach an agreement in terms of paying rent if they are experiencing difficulty because of the coronavirus.

Property licensing and renewals

You still need to apply for a HMO licence if your property is located anywhere in Brent, and also for a selective licence for single family dwellings located in the wards of Dudden Hill, Kensal Green, Kilburn, Queens Park and Mapesbury.

If your licence renewal deadline is approaching, and you are experiencing difficulties as a result or coronavirus, please contact us as soon as possible. We will run some background checks and issue licenses based on the information provided with your application. If we require further information, we will be in touch by phone or email. We may decide to issue your licence by email rather than by normal post.

Maintaining your property

To reduce social contact, inspections and non-essential repairs and maintenance should not be taking place until further notice.

Essential works will still need to be carried out, as these might seriously affect the health and safety of your tenants.

These include resolving problems with:

  • Water supply
  • Safe electricity and gas supplies
  • Fire safety
  • Drainage
  • Heating and hot water
  • Pest control
  • Leaks
  • Works to windows and doors that may affect security.

Landlords or agents should remain accessible to tenants by telephone, and are expected to follow the Government’s advice on social distancing

Tenants who are self-isolating

The Government has released detailed guidance for anyone who needs to self-isolate. It includes advice for those sharing households with others.

Tenants who are self-isolating are advised to avoid any visitors, and in these circumstances we advise you to keep a dialogue going with your tenant. 

Essential maintenance works, such as those listed above, will still need to be addressed. In the circumstances you and your contractors must take the precautions needed (such as full protective clothing) to keep everyone safe.

HMO landlords

Many landlords own HMOs, with bedsit accommodation and shared kitchen, bathrooms, toilets and other common areas.

The Government has released detailed guidance on decontamination in non-healthcare settings, which describes the cleaning required, the appropriate disposal of materials, the cleaning of equipment and hard surfaces, and the personal protective equipment (PPE) that should be worn.

Useful resources for landlords

We encourage you to read and watch the following coronavirus material. As Government guidance changes, we will keep all of our advice updated.


If you have any questions, please call 020 8937 2384 or email