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During this difficult time, we will be taking a common-sense approach to parking enforcement.

Focusing on more serious contraventions

Motorists should continue to follow the usual parking and driving rules. However, we will focus parking enforcement on the more serious contraventions and incidents of obstructive or dangerous parking, to maintain road safety, protect access and make sure essential supplies and services can get through. These more serious contraventions include yellow lines, loading restrictions, zig zags at crossings and obstruction of dropped kerbs.

Supporting key workers

We will also be providing extra support to key workers, including NHS staff, emergency services, carers and community volunteers. This means that while key workers are encouraged to follow the usual parking rules wherever possible, we are giving them more flexibility over where they park and we will be sympathetic to the challenging situation. We are also briefing Civil Enforcement Officers to assist key workers who are helping unwell and vulnerable people, wherever they can.

Further updates

We will continue to monitor these arrangements. Please note that changes may need to be made at short notice, and this may include going back to normal enforcement. Please check our website daily for any further updates.

Please continue to follow Public Health England’s advice on travel, and to be respectful to our Civil Enforcement staff who are doing an important job.

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