Report a social distancing breach

Although the vast majority of individuals and businesses are sticking to the Government’s social distancing and facemask wearing rules, a minority continue to flout the guidance or are simply are becoming complacent. This puts everyone at risk. 

Whilst the council does not have any specific powers or a legal duty to enforce social distancing or the wearing of facemasks, the Regulatory Services, Neighbourhood Patrols and Community Safety teams have investigated hundreds of Coronavirus related complaints over recent months and carried out over 1,000 spot checks to check compliance with the rules.

Our enforcement team are working with you to be their ‘eyes and ears’ as our High Streets begin to recover from lockdown. Most businesses that we inspect are trying to comply with the latest guidance. Please play your part and follow the controls that are in place to protect you.

If you are aware of a business that is not operating to the relevant Covid-19 standards, please report this to your local trading standards service in one of three ways: 

If you see a large group of people gatherings, report them by contacting Brent’s Community Safety team: