Shop Safe, Shop Local

Across the country, businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic and Brent is no exception.

We want to give our town centres, high streets, retailers, small businesses and markets across the borough the best chance possible of bouncing back as the lockdown restrictions are eased, but we must stay safe.

Shop Safe, Shop Local is a Brent Council campaign aimed at encouraging businesses and shoppers alike to do their bit to stop further spread of the virus, avoid a second peak, help our businesses to bounce back and life return as much as possible back to normal.


What can you do? 

Shop safe sssl

Easing of lockdown measures does not mean the threat posed by COVID-19 has gone away. 

It is up to all of us to continue to follow social distancing and public health guidelines while on the high street and inside shops.

Follow queuing instructions and one-way systems that have been laid our for everyone’s safety.

Remember to avoid using cash and pay for your goods through a contactless card payment if you can, and avoid handling goods that you don’t intend to buy.

Also, look out for posters in shop windows which show businesses have completed the Government’s reopening checklist to ensure they are COVID-secure.

Shop Local

Small independent businesses which are the lifeblood of our High Streets have been hit hardest by the lockdown – and they need your support now more than ever.  

By shopping local, you are doing your bit to support local businesses, maintain local jobs and preserve the character of your High Street.  

Supporting our High Streets creates jobs in the local community, supporting often young and disadvantaged people to find employment. Helping to grow the number of jobs in our local area makes for a better place to live and work, which then creates a healthy economy for the community.

Small and local businesses often stock items which are made locally and aren’t available elsewhere else, providing a great range of choice and unique products that bring much-needed originality and variety into communities – including rare finds and items that aren’t mass produced. 

Walk and cycle

Make the most of our new temporary cycle lanes and wider pavements to help support social distancing. As well as ensuring journeys are kept local, walking and cycling is a better mode of transport for your health and the environment.

Make sure you wear a face covering if using public transport but as the government guidance says, avoid public transport altogether if you can.

Promote your High Street

If you love a local store or service in your area, you can help promote them by tagging their business on social media along with the hashtags #LoveBrent and #ShopSafeShopLocal. For example, you could share stories and photos from your first visit to your favourite local shops following the easing of lockdown restrictions.

What can businesses do?

Remember to be considerate when displaying goods outside of your shop and ensure that there is enough space for social distancing. Consider also if longer opening hours would help reduce queuing at peak times.

You can also tag @business_brent in your social media posts so that we can retweet and share your business news more widely across the borough.

If there’s anything the council can do to further support you, do contact us.

What we are doing to ensure your safety?

As restrictions ease and non-essential shops re-open, our COVID Regulatory Support Officers will continue to patrol high streets to ensure both customers and businesses follow current government guidance to help keep Brent high street shoppers safe.

The officers will patrol our high streets seven days a week, as well as checking supermarkets and smaller shops to ensure all customers and staff are correctly wearing their face coverings.