Report Anti-Social Behaviour

In an emergency always call the police on 999.

Before reporting ASB

If you know who is causing the problem and you feel safe to do so, speak to your neighbour. Explain how their activities or behaviour is affecting you. They might not be aware and likely to appreciate you letting them know. This approach can often help to build and sustain neighbourly relationships.

What you should do

  • if you have suffered physical assault or damage to your property you should contact the police immediately
  • if the police have been involved make a note of the log number as this may be needed to provide evidence
  • keep a diary and make an accurate record of events, how, when and where it occurs. When you contact us to report ASB, you will be asked for this information. You can download our nuisance log sheets. 

Reporting anti-social behaviour

You can report incidents of anti-social behaviour in one of the following ways:

Please note: Council Tenants or Leaseholders should call 0208 937 2400. Housing association tenants should contact your housing association or housing officer.

Anonymous reporting

Although you may make reports of ASB anonymously, sometimes this can limit the actions we can take. Please be reassured we will not disclose your identity if you do not want us to.