Viewing CCTV images

You can only apply for access to information held on CCTV if an investigation, prosecution or action to prevent a crime is taking place under the Police Criminal Evidence Act criteria.

Under the Data Protection Act 2018 access requests can be made by members of the public in relation to civil cases and unreported accidents.

To be able to search against our CCTV recorded data we will need some initial information from you that you can fill out in this form.

We will make the initial search based on the information you give us and get back to you with what to do next if something is found.

We will need a location from you. You will need road and building details to help us narrow our search. To include a map link in your enquiry go to and follow these instructions from Google about sharing a location.

CCTV request form

Date and time of the CCTV you would like to view
Location of the CCTV you would like to view
Your details
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