Worried about gangs and knife crime?

Support services in Brent that can help’

  • PLIAS Resettlement –supports young ex-offenders who are exiting prison and gang lifestyles towards education, training and employment.
  • MAC-UK – works with excluded young people engaged in youth violence and gang-related incidents and provides accessible mental health support
  • Just For Kids Law – offers support, advice and legal representation for young people in difficulty, involved in or at risk of being involved in gangs.
  • St Giles Trust – helps ex-offenders and disadvantaged people to move their lives forward. SOS project officers also offer intensive support to people in prison.
  • Safer London – a pan-London programme that helps young people who are at high risk of becoming victims of gang violence.
  • Air Network - providing support and a wide range of experiences and activities to promote recovery.

National helplines

  • NSPCC helpline - call 0808 800 5000 or email help@nspcc.org.uk - professional counsellors can offer help, advice and support.
  • Childline - call 24-hour helpline 0800 1111 - if you want to get out of a gang or need to talk to someone. All calls are free and confidential.
  • Gangsline - call 0800 032 9538 - support to young men and women involved in gang culture.

Housing support

If you have left a gang or want to leave a gang and as a result you have left your accommodation or can no longer remain in your accommodation out of fear for your safety, the council may be able to support you.

See Homeless - gang members