Youth rehabilitation

The Youth Rehabilitation Order (YRO) is a generic community sentence for children and young people who offend - it replaces nine previous sentences.

The order is intended to help reduce re-offending, and also contribute to a reduction in the number of young people in custody.

The YRO offers a range of 18 'requirements', allowing for courts and judges to provide a more specific sentence whilst improving the range of resolutions (or 'interventions') for the young offender:

  1. Activity Requirement
  2. Attendance Centre Requirement
  3. Curfew Requirement
  4. Drug Testing Requirement
  5. Drug Treatment Requirement
  6. Education Requirement
  7. Electronic Monitoring Requirement
  8. Exclusion Requirement
  9. Intensive Supervision and Surveillance
  10. Intensive Fostering
  11. Intoxicating Substance Treatment Requirement
  12. Local Authority Residence Requirement
  13. Mental Health Treatment Requirement
  14. Programme Requirement
  15. Prohibited Activity Requirement
  16. Residence Requirement
  17. Supervision Requirement
  18. Unpaid Work Requirement (16/17 years)

The order also allows plenty of opportunity for reparation to be included, so that needs of victims can be considered and addressed.

Additionally, the YRO will allow for the use of: 

  • Intensive Supervision and Surveillance
  • Intensive Fostering

Both are alternatives to custody and courts and judges are encouraged to use them when possible.