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'Explore Wembley' tells you everything you need to know about living in or visiting the Wembley area of Brent.

With its iconic stadium and SSE arena, Wembley is famous all over the world, and for good reason too. Here, you’ll find out about local events and news, and all the facilities that you can use to make the most of the area. These include local places of worship, libraries, doctors’ surgeries, schools and sports clubs, and much more.

But it’s not just the stadium that makes Wembley special; the open spaces of Barham or King Edward VII Park are perfect for a family day out - with their fantastic sport and leisure facilities, there’s fun for all the family.

Make sure to take advantage of the excellent shopping facilities Wembley has to offer too; from bagging a designer bargain at the LDO, to kitting your home out in Ikea, or getting some of the freshest fruit and veg on Ealing Road.

And because shopping is sometimes hard work, don’t forget to stop in at one of the many cafés and restaurants for a bite to eat too.

Read about the history of the area, the people, the buildings and more in our local history of Brent pages.

Wembley highlights

  • Wembley Park
  • Ealing Road
  • Alperton Temple
  • Grand Union Canal
  • Barham Park
  • King Edward VII Park
  • Wembley Stadium and Arena
  • Sudbury
  • Preston
  • Tokyngton
  • Northwick Park

Events in Wembley

Pilates in Barham Park
26 September 2018
STEM club
26 September 2018
Culture 2020: Library art
29 September 2018
HipHop with Elan Arts
29 September 2018
HipHop with Elan Arts
6 October 2018
Chill, Breathe, Move
8 October 2018
Pilates in Barham Park
10 October 2018
HipHop with Elan Arts
13 October 2018
Pilates in Barham Park
17 October 2018
HipHop with Elan Arts
20 October 2018

News in Wembley

  • Wembley community groups

    Map of services in Wembley area

    Healthcare services
    Libraries and museums
    Parks and open spaces
    Recycling and waste
    Sports and leisure
    Toilet Facilities


    Councillors in Wembley area

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    Local public forums and meetings

    Christmas Carols
    15 December 2018