Harlesden Community Hub

About the Community Hub

Harelsden HubThe Harlesden Hub and community bus was a project held in Harlesden from 31 October to 12 November. This project was aimed at bringing together local people and organisations to provide support and advice and make connections. Over the two weeks, a wide range of events and activities took place from arts and crafts to social networking. There was also advice on offer from local agencies to help people with queries relating to employment, housing, benefits and Council Tax.

How it came about

The Harlesden Hub was one of the key ideas thought up by residents and partners at the outcome based review (OBR) visioning event in June.

Aims of the hub

The hub set out to:

  • bring the people of Harlesden together
  • provide information on access to housing advice and employment
  • create learning and development opportunities
  • promote knowledge exchange
  • deliver local community activities
  • celebrate healthier lifestyles

A big thank you to the local Harlesden community, volunteers and partners who played a role in making it a success. It was a really enjoyable project.

What happens now?

We’ve received lots of feedback which we are working through and the team is busy working on next steps. Please keep an eye out for more events taking place within the borough.

Take a look back

Have a peek into the past with a few archive slideshow of photos of Harlesden. Click onto the Flickr album itself to see where the photos were taken.

Harlesden Community Hub archive photos

Outcome based reviews

There are three outcome based reviews (OBRs) which the council is conducting to improve the way in which it delivers services to its residents. The three OBRs are focused on:

  1. Housing and vulnerable people
  2. Employment and welfare reform
  3. Regeneration (physical, environmental and social)

The initial stage of the OBRs comprised primarily of community research, focus groups and interviews, designed to get a detailed sense of what matters most to residents in their lives.

This research was then used to inform the visioning event, which brought together stakeholders from across the borough to generate innovative new ideas about how to deliver a better service to residents.

The Community Hub is the exciting next phase, where we put some of the thinking from the visioning event into practice.