The Harlesden Hub is back!

About the Community Hub

Harelsden HubLast year we ran a pilot called the Harlesden Hub in Tavistock Hall and on the community bus. The Harlesden Hub was aimed at bringing together local people and organisations to provide support, advice, fun activities and learning, development and networking opportunities. This project was a great success and we’re pleased to say that the Hub is now back in its new location at Harlesden Library and will continue to run every Wednesday and Thursday from 10-6pm.

If you have any queries relating to housing, employment and Council Tax then pop along as they’ll be a number of staff and advisers ready to help you. We will also be running some evening activities so look out for more information and do get in touch if you are a local group or individual who would like to offer an event or activity at the hub

The Harlesden Hub was an idea originally thought up by residents so remember to spread the word amongst family and friends.

Here’s a quick reminder as to what the Hub sets out to do:

  • Provide information and advice
  • Offer local community activities
  • Provide access to learning and development opportunities 
  • Celebrate Harlesden

We look forward to seeing you there!








Outcome based reviews

There are three outcome based reviews (OBRs) which the council is conducting to improve the way in which it delivers services to its residents. The three OBRs are focused on:

  1. Housing and vulnerable people
  2. Employment and welfare reform
  3. Regeneration (physical, environmental and social)

The initial stage of the OBRs comprised primarily of community research, focus groups and interviews, designed to get a detailed sense of what matters most to residents in their lives.

This research was then used to inform the visioning event, which brought together stakeholders from across the borough to generate innovative new ideas about how to deliver a better service to residents.

The Community Hub is the exciting next phase, where we put some of the thinking from the visioning event into practice.