Community Clean-ups

“I organised a community-clean up in my street because I love where I live” - Sonia, aged 23

Show your love for your local area and organise a community clean-up day.

Many passionate residents in Brent regularly get together to clean up their local park or littered streets.

Armed with litter picks, recycling and rubbish bags (which we can provide for free), they head off on their mission to clean up their neighbourhood.

Community clean-ups are great fun and you get to meet lots of people in your area!

Organise your own clean-up day today


You can help by becoming cleaner and greener

To help you recycle as much as possible and encourage you to become cleaner and greener and Love Where You Live, we've created this video to give you a flavour of what it is like to volunteer to help or even organise a community clean up.