Recycling is easy

“I recycle because I love where I live” - Anna, aged 91

You probably already know the difference between your bins: the blue top bin is for recycling most household items including paper, empty cans, tins and bottles and plastic containers, the small green bin is for food waste and the grey bin is for anything that can’t be recycled; such as crisp packets, pet litter and nappies. 

The more you recycle, the more you will be helping Brent and the local environment.

If you have neighbours who are new to the area, whilst you are introducing yourself check if they understand the difference between the bins.

Often people new to the area have been used to a different recycling system somewhere else.

Make sure you know how to recycle in Brent

You can help by becoming cleaner and greener

To help you recycle as much as possible and encourage you to become cleaner and greener and Love Where You Live, we've created this video to how you just how easy it is to recycle.