Stories of Brent

Past and present residents of Brent have come together to share their stories of what makes Brent so special in a ground breaking film.

Bringing together residents of all ages, local celebrities and community leaders, this film celebrates the pride that drives residents of Brent to work hard, day in, day out, to build a better borough for themselves, and for future generations.

The documentary showcases some big names from the music, television and sporting worlds who were all born and bred in Brent, and are proud to share their stories and memories of growing up in the borough that shaped and encouraged them to succeed. 

See what some local celebrities who took part in the film have to say about Brent

Liz Mitchell, Lead singer of Bony M

“I was born in Jamaica and came to live in Brent in the early 60s. I have travelled around the world, but Brent really represents home to me. It’s where I grew up, where my parents lived, where I went school and where I hold the wonderful memories of getting married.

“Brent has so much talent, there is a very positive energy in the air and it’s a very important place for music. I am proud to say I grew up here.”

Rachel Yankey, Captain of England Women’s Football Team

“As a young person wanting to play football, I was so proud that the home of football was in the borough that I lived in.

“I enjoyed going to watch matches in Wembley Stadium as a young person. Now, when I play football for Great Britain, I am proud and feel that I’m doing my little bit for the borough that encouraged me to reach for the stars.

“Now, I coach young kids around the borough. I want to let them know that here in Brent, if you work hard you can achieve your dreams, no matter what they are.”

Ashley Theophane, British professional boxer

“As a professional boxer I travel a great deal, but Brent will always be home, wherever I am in the world.

“When I come back to visit, it’s always great to meet the locals - they give me that extra confidence by telling me that they are proud of what I am doing. This motivates me to keep working hard, as I feel I am representing my area in a positive way.

“Brent will always be in my heart, I grew up here, went to school in the area. It’s one of the most diverse places I know and I’m proud to call Brent my home."



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