Our fees

There are fees for various checking and citizenship services. Full payment will be taken at the time of booking any appointment. 

If you wish to reschedule your appointment, you must notify us 48 hours before the allocated date or you will have to pay again.

Please note there is a £20 admin fee charged to change a ceremony date and time already booked. 

Citizenship ceremonies
Standard group ceremony No fee
Private ceremony conducted Monday-Friday £110
Private ceremony conducted Saturday or Sunday  £150


Read more about citizenship ceremonies.


European passport return serviceFees
(Mon-Fri) £25
(Sat) £30
(Sun) £40


Nationality checking serviceFees
Nationality Adult Application (Mon-Fri) £60
Nationality Adult Application (Sat-Sun) £75
Nationality Minor (child) Application (Mon-Fri) £40
Nationality Minor (child) Application (Sat_Sun) £50

Fees for nationality checking contain the 20 per cent VAT.

Settlement checking service
Adult settlement application (Mon-Fri) £100 
Minor (child) settlement application (Mon-Fri) £30 

Fees for settlement checking contain the 20 per cent VAT.

Home Office fees for citizenship and indefinite leave to remain

Nationality or settlement checking services use the Home Office fees.

Home Office serviceFees
Nationality single 6(1) £1282
Nationality single 6(2) £1282
Nationality single minor (child) £973
Settlement adult application £2297
Settlement minor application £2297

For further fee information for applications for citizenship and indefinite leave to remain (ILR settlement applications), go to the Home Office fees web page.