Citizenship ceremonies

Brent is one of the busiest places in Britain for citizenship ceremonies (we hold two a week) and was the venue for the country's first ceremony, held in February 2004.

All persons aged 18 years or over, who are accepted for naturalisation or registration as a British citizen, must take a citizenship oath and pledge at a citizenship ceremony. A citizenship ceremony is an enjoyable and meaningful event. It is an opportunity for the council to welcome new citizens into the borough and encourage them to play an active part in the community.
A citizenship ceremony involves prospective citizens making an oath of loyalty to the Queen and promising to uphold the values and laws of the United Kingdom.

Arranging a ceremony date

When you receive your letter of approval from the Home Office, you should contact us at the register office to book your date. Once approved, we will send you a letter confirming the date and time of your ceremony.

You are required to attend a ceremony within 90 days of the approval being given otherwise you may have to make a new application.

Urgent reminder

Please remember to return your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) within five days following your citizenship ceremony.

If you did not return your BRP when you applied to become a British citizen, you must return it to the Home Office within 5 days from the date you attended your citizenship ceremony, or the date you were issued with a certificate of naturalisation, whichever is sooner by recorded delivery.

Please send to the following address, to be destroyed:

Returns Unit
PO Box 163
BS20 1AB

Should you fail to return the BRP, or notify the department of the reasons for not being able to do so, the Secretary of State may impose a fine of up to £1,000.


There is no additional fee for a standard group ceremony. Payment for the ceremony was included in the money you have already paid in your application for British citizenship. You will need to pay extra if you choose to have an individual ceremony. See more information on charges at Ceremony and service fees.

Applying for a British passport

Once you have received your citizenship certificate you can apply for a passport.

For further information about how to apply for a passport use:

Please contact our Registration and Nationality Service for more information.