European Passport Return Service

Brent are now offering the European Passport Return Service for customers applying for their EEA (European Economic Area) Permanent Residency Card or their EEA (European Economic Area) Qualified Persons registration card.  Brent is now one of the participating authorities who will check, copy and certify your current passport and return this to the Home Office to assist with both these types of applications.

Please call us to book your European Passport Return Service appointment in advance of submitting your application online. Please check availability of an appointment before you submit your applications online.

Read other local authorities that offer the service.

How to book the appointment:

This service is offered on an appointment only basis please call us on 020 8937 1010 to secure a date and time. The fee for this service is £15 plus £10 for postage by Royal Mail Special Delivery. The payment of £25.00 is to be paid in advance at the time of booking by credit or debit card. We are now offering a small number of appointments on the weekend.  Please note that there will be additional cost for the weekend.

How to apply:

Before you attend our offices for your allocated appointment

  • Please complete the EEA Permanent Residence Card form
  • or the EEA Qualified Persons form 
  • The appointment with the Local Authority has to be made within 5 working days from the day of submission of your application online. 
  • The service we offer enables us to copy, check and certify your current passport, and attach your supporting documents for submission to the Home Office by special delivery.
  • You will have to provide the completed checklist which you will print once you have completed on your online application. This checklist will include your PNN reference number – which you must bring in at the time of your appointment, otherwise we will not be able to proceed. If this is not produced you will be required to make a further appointment which will attract another fee of £10.

What you need to bring to the appointment:

  • Completed EEA Permanent Residence Card form or the EEA Qualified Persons form
  • Document check list which includes the PNN reference number
  • 2 passport sized pictures with your names printed at the back
  • Your application will be sent via secure post which will enable you to track receipt of your application


  • This service does not ensure that your form has been completed correctly, nor does it guarantee the success of your application.