Nationality Document Return Service (NDRS)

Welcome to the new Nationality Document Return Service (NDRS) which is now available in Brent.  This service has been introduced as a result of  the Home Office introducing applications for Nationality online.

What is The Nationality Document Return Service?

The Nationality Document return service (NDRS)  is a service for customers making online applications for British Citizenship AN and MN1 applications.  It differs from the joint Nationality Checking and Passport Service (JCAP) in that the applications and payment for AN and MN1 must be made online via the website.  If you wish to apply for the Passport Checking service (JCAP) this service can be used in conjunction with the NDRS service. The Passport application must be completed as a paper hard copy application, the passport form can be collected from the Post Office.  This is not a checking service so we cannot assist with the citizenship application form, however we will copy and certify your passport and all supporting documentation and send both your applications to the Home Office and Her Majesty’s Passport Office securely.  As with all applications our customers are advised to read the AN, MN1 booklets and guidance documents to ensure you meet the criteria to fulfil the requirements. 

What are the benefits of the Nationality Document Return Service?

  • The application is made online
  • You get to keep your original documents
  • Your documents are sent securely to the Home Office and Her Majesty’s Passport Office

Requirements to book an appointment:

  • Appointments must be made with Brent within 10 days of making the application online for either AN or MN1 online.  Please call us on 020 8937 1010 for an appointment.

Documents which you must bring to the appointment:

  • The completed checklist which you will print out once your application has been made online
  • Referee pages printed and signed and dated (with 2 passport pictures attached to the forms)
  • Indefinite Leave to Remain card or Permanent Residence Card
  • Life in the UK test and Knowledge of Life and Language
  • Passports covering your residency period of 5 years or alternative documentation as specified
  • Please note if you nationality application is unsuccessful, the passport fee will not be refunded

For Immigration advice please call the Home Office on 03001232241 or email

Costs to book the appointment

Please note fees are non-refundable.

How to apply

Application for Naturalisation as British Citizenship Form AN must be made online only via

 Naturalisation as a British Citizen 

Registration of a child under 18 

Registration as a British CitizenThe Passport Checking Service JCAP with the Nationality Document Return Service

What you need to bring to the appointment:

  • Completed passport form for each applicant
  • 2 Passport sized identical pictures compliant with Passport Photo Guidance  (do not have these countersigned)
  • Remittance payslip which at the back of the Passport Guidance booklet.
  • Minors aged 15 years 6 months and above must attend the appointment if you are using the JCAP service (Passport checking Service along with the NDRS)

Benefits of using the Passport Checking Service with NDRS (This has to be completed as a manual hard copy form which you can collect from the Post Office

  • Provided there are no variations to your name and you are applying using the existing name on your current/expired passport you can use this Passport Checking Service
  • Passports are released to you 30 days after you attend your citizenship ceremony
  • Under Section 2 of the passport form do not enter the mobile number enter this in section 8
  • Under Section 4 only parents details are required not grandparents details
  • Under Section 10 The Counter signatory section does not need completing

Prices are subject to fees changes at the Home Office please see table of fees on

Book an appointment 

Disclaimer: This service does not ensure that your form has been completed correctly, nor does it guarantee the success of your application.