Settlement checking service

We are part of the the Settlement Checking Service which, for a charge, allows us to check that your settlement through marriage, civil partnership or joining a settled partner (SET(M)) application forms are completed correctly and are sent in with the correct documents.

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You can only use the settlement checking service if you are applying on form SET(M) for indefinite leave to remain in the UK as the husband, wife, civil partner or unmarried/same-sex partner of a British citizen or someone who is settled here.

Download the SET(M) application form from the UK Border Agency website.

Find a different form on the UK Border Agency website

At the Settlement Checking Service we will:

  • make sure you have paid the correct fee to the accounting officer at the Home Office
  • make sure all the right documents are enclosed
  • photocopy your passports, travel documents and any other documents requested by the Home Office and certify that they are true copies
  • inform you of any outstanding documents required and hold your application until it is completed before sending the Home Office
  • send your completed application, certified photocopies of your passports and all other documents and fees to the Home Office
  • return passports and other documents to you at your appointment, apart from the Certificate of English Language (the Home Office insists on the original being supplied)

More information about applying to the Home Office for indefinite leave to remain.

For more advice about this checking service, download our settlement checking service document .