Alperton regeneration history

Alperton Growth Area has been identified as being a suitable location in Brent for the construction of new homes to meet the demands of population growth and the shortage of housing.

As well as providing over 3,500 new homes, we believe there is an opportunity to provide a major boost to business and employment opportunities.

The principles of this are set out in Brent's Core Strategy 2010 and the Site Specific Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD) 2011

We recognise that the provision of these new homes will need to be supported by additional infrastructure to support the existing and new communities. We are working cross-departmentally within the Council to facilitate this, as well as with external partners including developers, the Greater London Authority, Transport for London, Brent Clinical Commissioning Group and Canal & River Trust.

The Alperton Masterplan Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) 2011 is intended to set out to developers the scale of change which we would like to see to ensure that Alperton is transformed in a way that is environmentally and socially sustainable as well as being economically viable.

We negotiate proposed development through the planning system in order to secure benefits such as affordable housing, health and community facilities and public realm interventions.

Alperton Masterplan SPD

The Alperton Masterplan SPD, adopted in 2011, sets out to developers the scale of change which the Council would like to see in Alperton and the infrastructure required to support this.
This document was developed over two years in consultation with many stakeholders and intends to ensure that Alperton is transformed in a way that benefits existing as well as new communities, which is environmentally and socially sustainable as well as being economically viable.

Alperton's Core will be a lively centre for cultural activities, community facilities and local shopping. This area is promoted for high density flatted development with commercial uses at an active street level around Alperton Underground Station.
The Waterside residential neighbourhood will mainly be a place for families to live, with high quality streets, open spaces and improved access to the canal. Building heights will respect the existing surrounding context, with homes consisting of maisonettes and town houses with doors on the streets.

The Northfields site was acquired by Berkeley Homes in April 2017. A planning application (application number 18/0321) is currently under consideration. Redevelopment proposals include 2,900 new homes, ranging from 1 to 29 storeys, a community centre and nursery, new industrial units, retail space and restaurants. Comments on the proposals from residents and businesses are strongly encouraged. Comments should be made online via the comments section under application number 18/0321 by 31 March 2018 to ensure they can be considered in the determination of the application.

Further information on how to comment can be found here