The Barham Park Estate project

The Barham Park Estate extends to approximately 5.6 Acres (2.29 Hectares) and is on the Harrow Road, between Barham Park and the Maybank Open space.

A former Railways Coal marshalling yard, it was acquired from British Rail by Brent Council and an estate of 214 one, two and three bedroomed homes was built there between 1970 and 1971.

The properties were made of a patent panel system called resiform construction and by 2002 were reaching the end of its useful life. Hunters and Sons prepared a report for the council in 2002, that suggested rebuilding, because the extensive works necessary to bring the estate up to the Decent Homes standard would not be cost effective.

There was a competition to select development partners

The plans that were drawn up by PRP Architects and agreed by Brent Council were to replace the existing homes with a high quality mixture of social rented homes, shared ownership home s, and homes for sale.

The first two phases were ready to live in by 2012/13 and produced 62 social rented homes, 31 Shared ownership homes and 37 Homes for sale.

By the end of the project there will be a total of 338 new homes, providing modern well designed homes for residents old and new.

Phases table

Phase   Position in the estateSocial rentShared ownershipPrivate saleOccupied
1A Maybank Block (1-51 Fishers Way) 51 0 0 Early in  2013
1B Blocks G (SO) and H (OS) on Williams Way 0 31 37 Early in  2013
2B S Block (opposite corner of Maybank Block) 11 0 0 Early in  2013
2C Currently under construction 33 0 53 Early in 2015
3 Between 1b and 2C 27 34 61 2017
    Total: 122 Total: 65 Total: 151  


Phases map

Barham Park phases map