About the Burnt Oak and Colindale programme

The Burnt Oak and Colindale Growth Area, on the boundary between Brent and Barnet, forms part of the Burnt Oak/Colindale Opportunity Area in the London Plan.

Burnt Oak and Colindale has been identified as being a suitable location for the construction of new homes to meet the demands for population growth and the shortage of housing.

As well as providing new homes, the GLA believes there is an opportunity to provide a major boost to business and employment opportunities.

The majority of new development, 10,000 of the 12,500 new homes, will be built in Barnet and policy and guidance on this is set out in Barnet's Colindale Area Action Plan (AAP), adopted in March 2010.

In Brent the Burnt Oak and Colindale growth area brings together sites along the western edge of the Edgware Road, the A5 corridor, in between Burnt Oak and The Hyde Town Centres.

This area is identified in Brent's Core Strategy 2010 and the Site Specific Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD) 2011 as a growth area for around 2,500 homes by 2026.

We recognise that a projected growth of 2,500 new homes would need to be supported by additional infrastructure such as education facilities, new health provision and space for recreation and play and this is set out in the Infrastructure Investment Framework 2011.

We will negotiate development through the planning system in order to secure benefits such as affordable housing, health and community facilities and public realm interventions.

We endeavour to maximise the results of inward investment and ensure the new developments help revitalise and do not threaten the existing town centres at Burnt Oak and The Hyde.

We recently adopted the Burnt Oak, Colindale and The Hyde (BOCH) Placemaking Plan which sets out a vision for the growth area.

We are working with partners at Transport for London, Barnet and Harrow to deliver the vision.