About the Church End programme

Church End is one of the priority areas in the borough. The area is currently home to a thriving market, green space and St Mary's Church.

It is being promoted for mixed use regeneration, set around the economic revitalisation of the local centre. The local economy will be re-energised, with the market in the heart of the area.

Church End provides the opportunity for additional housing and other facilities. Around eight hectares of brownfield land will provide space for approximately 800 new homes by 2026.

We plan to provide a mix of dwellings, with a particular focus on delivering family housing and encouraging owner occupation. The principles of this are set out in Brent's Core Strategy 2010 and the Site Specific Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD) 2011.

We recognise that 800 new homes would need to be supported by additional infrastructure such as education facilities, affordable housing, new health provision and space for recreation and play and this is set out in the Infrastructure Investment Framework 2011.