Latest news on the Masterplan

Sense checking the emerging vision


Outdoor Event

We’ve been talking to many members of the Church End community over the past few months to understand how the future of Church End can look like! Now are inviting all members of the community to join us in our Outdoor Public Consultation Event to get to know more about emerging vision for the area!

The event will take place on Wednesday, 12 May, 9:30am – 3pm at the Willesden Market: Church Rd, London NW10 9EP.

To note that we will be following Covid-19 Safety Protocols to ensure the event is safe to all!

If you cannot make it to the event, we are still keen to hear from you, so please get in touch with us with any questions regarding the masterplan via:

Starting to develop the brief!


Throughout the months of February and March the team was focused on getting to know Church End, talking to people, and understanding the challenges and opportunities of the area. We have:

Online Engagement has started!


Church End is identified as an area of growth in the local plan, due to see 1300 new homes built over the next 20 years. Although a lot of this land is privately owned and much of this development is likely to be carried out by private companies, Brent Council wants to make sure that all new development in Church End benefits the existing community.

The Council will do so by creating a 'masterplan': a plan of action for the area, which will set out where new homes and new community facilities should be built.

The masterplan will eventually be used by the Council to help decide which proposals should be given planning permission. While the Council will not be able to deliver all of the improvements set out in the masterplan directly,it will be a powerful tool to guide the shape of Church End for years to come.

We will be seeking the input of community members throughout the development of the masterplan. At this stage, we would like your thoughts on how Church End currently functions as a place to live, work, study or visit.

Church End is set to Grow

Church End is one of 8 growth areas in Brent’s draft Local Plan. The growth area extends from Church End local centre in the west, to Willesden Bus depot in the east. The Masterplan will help up make the most of new development and deliver:

  • 1300 new homes
  • New community spaces
  • New spaces for skills and employment
  • New play spaces
  • New green spaces

What makes Church End work?

We have been speaking to resident, community and faith group leaders & local businesses. Some of the things we have learned so far:

  1. The pandemic has emphasised the need for better housing and places to meet outdoors.
  2. The community needs more spaces for youth and non-religious functions.
  3. There are limited opportunities for housing and employment for young people in the area, and serious concerns about their safety.
  4. The high streets remain important places where local communities encounter one another
  5. The growth area can feel divided, with poor pedestrian and community links from east to west.

To develop this plan we need your participation!

Please help us to build a complete picture of the places, spaces and activities which make Church End work by answering the following questions:

  • Where do you spend time in the Church End Growth Area?
  • What are the places that you value most?
  • Where do existing communities need more support? 

Your ideas and views are important to us. Don’t miss out the opportunity to have your say!

This stage of consultation started on the Friday 5 March 2011 and will be open until Monday 29 March 2021, but you can still contact us to learn more, and there will be further consultation opportunities after this date.

Project launch


The Council has appointed Hawkins Brown Architects to assist us with planning and designing options for the Church End growth area. They will be working with Jan Kattein Architects to develop a meaningful and participatory engagement process. We would like you to be involved with developing the designs and having a say in the future of the area, so if you would like us to contact you, please email us on: