Landlords of empty properties

Brent Council and Meanwhile Space CIC are inviting landlords of vacant properties across Brent to apply for the Meanwhile Pilot Scheme, to reactivate their vacant high street unit for a minimum 12 month period.

Coming Soon Club, Wembley

Grants will be made available to refurbish selected properties and ensure they are ready to use for a selected business or community group to move in for the duration of the scheme.

Approved refurbishment works could include:

  • shop improvement works
  • decorating
  • repairs
  • electrics
  • branding of the spaces in line with the project branding

We will find a suitable user for your refurbished unit who be given the chance to test and develop their business proposal on the high street – they will receive business support to encourage them to be able to take on commercial lettings in the future. 

Users are asked to cover monthly costs such as business rates and utilities. 

The Meanwhile Pilot Scheme provides landlords an opportunity to make a real difference to the wellbeing of the local community. Participation would improve the reputation of landlords locally, and even regionally/nationally.

A communication strategy will promote an active and positive engagement between the programme and other local businesses.

Criteria for applying

  • The Meanwhile Pilot Scheme is open to any landlord, whether a small business owner or a major property portfolio-holder within the designated target areas
  • Location: Properties must be empty/vacant and located in Church End, Neasden or Willesden Green town centre boundaries
  • Duration: Properties should be available for at least 15 months from the start of the lease to allow for time to complete improvement works to the properties before the sites are opened (although we will consider a minimum of 9 months on an exceptional basis)
  • Condition/Budget: Properties must meet minimum standards, and refurbishment and clean-up costs should not require more than approximately £20,000-25,000 (including VAT) (although we will consider all applications, including larger properties)
  • Improvement works: Landlords must be happy for improvement works to take place to their building and shopfront
  • Vacancy: Landlords cannot evict tenants to take part in this scheme, only landlords who have properties that are already empty/vacant can take part in this scheme. Landlords outside the target areas are encouraged to get in touch in case we widen our search.

The process and how to apply

  • Fill out the Meanwhile Application Form for Landlords by Sunday Sunday 18 April 2021
  • Selected applicants will be invited for an interview and site visit
  • A final selection is due to made in April 2021 after which lease agreements will be drafted between Meanwhile Space CIC and the participating landlord
  • The building improvement works are due to take place between May and July 2021, after the lease agreement has been completed
  • The properties are due to be opened for 12 months and returned in August 2022

Supporting documents

For more information on the scheme download the Meanwhile High Street Pilot invitation

For any other questions please email us at and