Alperton was designated a Housing Zone by the Mayor of London in 2015 and is key Growth Area for the borough.

Brent’s draft Local Plan provides the regeneration framework for Alperton, with over 6,000 homes planned for the area, including a high proportion of affordable homes, and opportunity for co-location with industrial and employment sites.

With this ambitious regeneration programme, Alperton Growth Area will be transformed into a waterside residential neighbourhood with new homes and jobs. A range of infrastructure will be delivered to support this growth including new workspace, community facilities, improved public realm and open space, and better access to local and active forms of travel.

The following schemes are at various stages of delivery in Alperton. Further detail on each development can be found on our planning page using the six digit planning reference noted beside each scheme.

Under planning consideration

330 Ealing Road (20/3914)
Telford Homes are seeking planning permission for the demolition and redevelopment of Alperton Bus Depot to deliver 457 residential units and 2,900 sqm of industrial floorspace, retail, community and commercial uses.

416 Ealing Road (20/1683)
Resolution to grant permission was given for this mixed use development comprising of 132 new homes, 508sqm of flexible commercial space and 102sqm space for community use including widened pavement along Ealing Road and Alperton Lane to accommodate new outdoor public space, car parking and cycle storage.

Abbey Manufacturing Estate (20/3156)
Resolution to grant permission was given to Zed Homes for 684 residential units, including the provision of 693sqm of affordable workspace and public access to the Grand Union Canal.

Abbey manufacturing estate

100 Beresford Avenue (20/1424)
Resolution to grant permission was given for 100 residential units and 12,000 sq. ft of light industrial spaces for creative businesses, proposed by Woolbro Group. Public access to the Grand Union Canal along the canal side of the development was also secured.

Under construction

Grand Union (18/0321 & 20/2784)
St George have begun construction on the Grand Union site, formerly known as Northfields Industrial Estate. The mixed-use development will deliver over 3,000 new homes, a 12,000sqm multi-storey industrial building known as ‘The Generator’, 325sqm of affordable workspace and over 3,500sqm of shops, restaurants and leisure. Infrastructure secured through planning includes a new healthcare facility, 248sqm nursery provision and a 490sqm community centre, to be delivered as part of Phase 1.

Grand Union

Afrex House (18/0752)
Inland Homes are constructing 31 new homes on this site, and will open up access to the Grand Union Canal by improving the public realm around Grand Union Walk.

Minavil House (16/2629)
Clarion Housing Group and R55 are redeveloping the site to provide 251 residential flats, 215 available for shared ownership with 36 available for affordable rent. The scheme includes a Lidl food store on the ground floor, 622sqm office space, and 634sqm retail floorspace for flexible use as a cafe, bar or restaurant.

Minvail House

Alperton House (18/4199)
Granted planning permission in June 2019, Peabody will bring forward a mixed use redevelopment comprising of 474 residential units, retail, industrial and affordable workspace as well as the reprovision of a public house with improved access to the Grand Union Canal. Arranged over 4 blocks including the former Pleasure Boat Public House, the site will offer 89 affordable rented, 58 shared ownership and 327 market sale new homes.

Alperton House

253a Ealing Road (17/1104)
20 new homes will be developed on the site, and the establishment of public rights of way through the site from Carlyon Close to 243 Ealing Road / Hatton Road for pedestrians and cyclists.

Completed developments

Abbey Wharf / Delta Centre (16/4478)
Clarion Housing Group in partnership with Inland Homes have delivered 135 new homes and 247sqm of commercial space. The development at Abbey Wharf has transformed a disused industrial site with affordable homes and forms part of the wider plans to regenerate Alperton Housing Zone.

Abbey Warf Mount Pleasant Bereford Avenue

243 Ealing Road (09/2116)
This mixed-use development was completed by Network Homes and Hills Residential in 2015 and is home to 440 apartments and 1000sqm of affordable workspace. Managed by Artist Studio Company, there are 27 artist studios, with shared communal facilities and free training opportunities for tenants.

255 Ealing Road (14/2276)
This 3-9-storey building comprises 125 residential units and 277sqm affordable workspace.

1C Carlyon Rd (15/3950)
This 4- 6 storey building comprises 28 flats.

More projects

For information about the regeneration projects across the borough visit the Regeneration interactive map (currently only available to view on either Internet Explorer or Opera)

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