Neasden Stations Growth Area

Neasden Stations Growth Area (NSGA) will be a unique place where people choose to live, learn, work, and relax. New homes and jobs will accommodate growth and future demands through industrial intensification and co-location with new residential uses. Redevelopment will be complemented by public spaces and pocket parks, enhanced and high quality public realm. A robust local movement network of walking and cycling routes and social infrastructure will connect surrounding neighbourhoods and communities.

Neasden Stations Growth Area will also serve as an important gateway to the wider area, with improved connectivity via the existing Neasden station and proposed West London Orbital (WLO) station. Regeneration will transform what is today an area comprised of underutilised and unloved spaces, into a new mixed-use neighbourhood, with a distinct and characterful sense of place for new and existing communities alike. 

 What is the vision for NSGA?

Neasden Station Growth area vision map

  • At least 2000 new and affordable homes
  • New job opportunities
  • New and affordable workspace
  • New and enhanced open space
  • Social and community infrastructure
  • Improved connectivity to wider area
  • Improved and integrated walking and cycling routes


Image: Neasden Station Growth Area vision map. 


The draft Neasden Stations Growth Area Masterplan Supplementary Planning document (SPD) was consulted between Monday, 21 June 2021 and Monday, 2 August 2021 and is expected to be adopted in autumn following feedback.


This Neasden Stations Growth Area NSGA) masterplan SPD is being prepared in collaboration with the Greater London Authority (GLA).