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The South Kilburn Regeneration programme has been transforming the South Kilburn area through a number of different housing redevelopment, public realm, retail, open-space, play, highway improvements. To ensure high-quality is at the heart of the programme, the council seeks to engage with highly experience and often award-winning consultants.

This page contains a list of awards won by the South Kilburn Regeneration programme, as it has transformed the South Kilburn neighbourhood.

  • New London Architecture Awards - 2019
  • Mixed Use (unbuilt) and Community Prize
  • Housing Design Award ‘Winning Schemes’ (Cambridge and Wells Court) - 2011
  • Principal Award Winner, BALI Award, Urban Regeneration (Woodhouse Urban Park)- 2016
  • BALI National Landscape Awards ‘Community and Schools Development’ Category (Woodhouse Urban Park) -2016
  • BALI National and Principal Landscape Awards ‘Regeneration Scheme’ (Woodhouse Urban Park)– 2016
  • RIBA National Award 2016 ‘Winner’ (Ely Court) -2016
  • RIBA Regional Design Award (Ely Court) – 2016
  • RIBA London Award (Ely Court) – 2016
  • Housing Design Award ‘Completed Schemes’ (Ely Court Cambridge and Wells Court) - 2016
  • New London Awards ‘Mixed Use (Unbuilt Category)’ – 2016 (Queens Park/Cullen)
  • New London Architecture Award ‘Best Public Space’ (Woodhouse Urban Park) -2017
  • Highly Commended, RICS Award, Regeneration (Woodhouse Urban Park) - 2017
  • Place West London Regeneration Awards ‘Future Project’ (Peel Precinct) - 2017
  • EU Mies Award Finalist (Only UK Finalist) ‘Contemporary Architecture’ (Ely Court) - 2017
  • National Housing awards ‘Best Design’ (Kilburn Quarter) – 2018
  • Evening Standard New Homes Awards ‘Best Regeneration Project’ (Kilburn Quarter) – 2018
  • RESI ‘Development of the Year’ (Kilburn Quarter) - 2018

New London Architecture exemplar projects

In 2019 the New London Architecture (NLA) launched its research report Public Housing: a London renaissance, investigating the future of public housing delivery in the capital. As part of this, they called for exemplar projects to be showcased in a special publication, distributed to key policy makers, the NLA network, visiting delegations and Londoners.

Four projects that are part of the South Kilburn Regeneration programme were included in the report: 

  • 1-8 Neville House, 164 Winterleys, 113-128 Carlton House and Carlton Hall (together defined as NWCC)
  • Queens Park/Cullen House
  • Ely Court
  • Kilburn Quarters