Full Fibre Broadband

Brent Council is committed to embracing the opportunities presented by digital innovation to improve lives and deliver services more efficiently.

To do this we need to make sure that everyone living and working in Brent has access to really good internet connectivity. The Digital Transformation Team has been working with two high speed broadband providers, Community Fibre and Hyperoptic, to roll out full fibre broadband to the Council’s residential properties.

Why is full fibre broadband so important?

The full fibre broadband infrastructure that both providers will install will give residents access to the fastest and most reliable broadband. The new connections will be able to provide a download speed of 1000 Mbps, much faster than is currently available in most areas of Brent.  Internet speeds won’t slow down, or buffer, during peak times. It’s also much faster to upload material.

With more people using more complex online devices for watching High Definition TV, gaming, making video calls, doing business and accessing educational opportunities, we are going to need faster broadband connections.

The lockdown has demonstrated just how important fast and reliable broadband is with so many of us working and learning from home.

Fortunately for South Kilburn residents, the regeneration area was prioritised for access to these services early on in the roll out. Many of the blocks can already access services, with further connections coming.

It will be entirely up to each resident to decide whether or not to take the new services. Residents should be able to switch to an internet package offered by the new providers only if you choose to do so.  Please note, if you already subscribe to an Internet package (Broadband  services can sometimes be ‘bundled’ with other services such as telephone and other services), please contact your existing provider to find out whether you can ‘switch providers’ without penalty charges, as you may have a minimum contract term or have switching costs – please contact your existing provider for confirmation.

You can check if you can receive the new services already: