South Kilburn meanwhile projects

We are committed to making the most of our assets in South Kilburn to enhance the creative, social and cultural life of the neighbourhood.

We are creating 'Meanwhile projects' on sites that would otherwise sit empty and detract from the area. We turn these sites into places where the local community and creative individuals come together to try something new.

There were three fantastic projects running in South Kilburn. Two of these are now closed. One closed on 30 September 2013 and the other at the end of May 2014.

South Kilburn Studios

South Kilburn Studios

South Kilburn Studios is funded by us and is home to 13 private creative businesses.

The tenants have pledged - in lieu of rent payments - to train a young person from the local area, helping them learn new skills, build a portfolio in their chosen trade and be part of a final exhibition show, attended by potential employers.

Carlton Kitchen - This project is now closed

Carlton kitchensMeanwhile Space have set up the Carlton Kitchen: a community food hub in a currently vacant community centre in South Kilburn.

The space includes a community kitchen, training space, food growing facilities and a community social space. The hub also provide studio space for creative enterprises to support the development of the facility and local start-up businesses.


The Albert - This project has now closed

The Albert

The Albert closed on 30 September 2013 after a highly successful stay in the South Kilburn neighbourhood. The project brought together a range of projects which a huge number of people, from South Kilburn and beyond, took part in.

Local people and the wider public were invited to The Albert to enjoy the pop-up café and restaurant, join the cycle training or try out something new, such as singing in a choir, dancing, growing vegetables or learning to cook.

For more information on the project visit (the project has now closed)