Skills and employment

Skills and employmentThe regeneration of South Kilburn is not just about new buildings. 

We are committed to finding new ways to use the development process to provide training and employment for local people.

Opportunities for training and apprenticeships will arise from the construction process and the building contractor will advertise for these.

We are also using empty buildings for projects that will help to provide new skills and opportunities. 

Help is available from the following sources:

  • At South Kilburn Studios, traineeships and weekly workshops are offered to local residents. Visit the Meanwhile Projects page to find out more.
  • Brent in2 Work
  • South Kilburn Trust
  • If you are a local business owner, Supply Brent may be able to help you find out about tender or contract opportunities, or help you find local trainees and apprentices.  
  • Catalyst Gateway delivers a range of projects to support local communities and provides funding and support to other local groups. It has three focus areas: employment and skills; young people and family; and community enterprise.
  • Network Housing Group (Bronte and Fielding) - Employment and training opportunities
  • Queens Park Place - Employment and training opportunities
  • Bouygues Development