South Kilburn Community Cookbook - Get involved!

As part of the Land North of Chippenham Gardens project, in August 2020 Brent Council in partnership with Higgins and NewmanFrancis have launched the start of the ‘South Kilburn Community Cookbook’ project. The project is a unique and exciting opportunity for South Kilburn residents to share their favourite recipe and narrative that represents their cultural heritage. The book launch event in Spring 2021 will celebrate the publication of this creative and distinctive ‘South Kilburn Community Cookbook’!

If you are a South Kilburn resident and want the chance to get involved, please submit your recipe through the NewmanFrancis’ website.  Alternatively, download the project flyer and scan the QR code to access the website. The deadline for submissions is 30th September 2020.

Please note the ‘South Kilburn Community Cookbook’ project is being led by NewmanFrancis on behalf of Higgins Homes. Higgins Homes are Brent Council’s delivery partner for the Land North of Chippenham Gardens project.