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High Speed 2 (HS2) is a new high speed railway line connecting 8 out of 10 of the UK’s major cities, providing them with a reliable, resilient and high-capacity train service (London, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Liverpool, Glasgow and Edinburgh).

HS2 will also travel through Brent in Kilburn via a new high speed rail tunnel which will be constructed between Euston and West Ruislip and will include a ventilation shaft at the Canterbury Works site in Kilburn down to the new tunnel below. Please visit the link below to HS2’s Community Website for Kilburn and Northolt where you can access information on what they’re doing in the area.

More information on HS2 can be found at www.hs2inkilburn-northolt.co.uk

You can contact the HS2 Helpdesk team all day, every day of the year on freephone 08081 434 434 or minicom: 08081 456 472

Email: hs2enquiries@hs2.org.uk

Should you wish to contact Brent Council about HS2, please email: Transport.strategy@brent.gov.uk

About HS2 in South Kilburn

The HS2 Bill (introduced into Parliament in November 2013) currently includes provisions that negatively impact one of the South Kilburn regeneration sites, known as Site 18 – Salusbury Road Car Park.

This site plays an important role in funding other parts of the regeneration programme, including the delivery of affordable homes.

The works currently included in the Bill which would affect Site 18 involve a vent shaft head house and an auto transformer station.

The HS2 Bill would also give the Secretary of State powers to compulsorily acquire land belonging to the council in South Kilburn, including parts of St Marys School, Site 11b, land near Alpha and Gorefield Houses and the new development on Cambridge and Chichester Road.

The powers sought seek to use some parcels of land temporarily (for up to nine years) and to acquire other parcels of land permanently (some of which is limited to the acquisition of subsoil only).

At the Full Council meeting on Monday 3 March 2014, members discussed the potential impact of HS2 on regeneration proposals in Brent. It was agreed to petition against the HS2 Bill to avoid or reduce the negative effects of HS2's proposals on our regeneration plans and land affected by the compulsory use and purchase powers.

We submitted our petition to HS2 in May 2014.

One option put forward by us in the petition was to relocate the ventilation shaft and auto transformer to an alternative site behind Canterbury House, on Canterbury Road known as 'Canterbury Works'.

HS2 confirmed that it was technically possible to locate the vent shaft within the Canterbury Works, but had selected Site 18 because they would need to re-align the proposed HS2 tunnel and because they considered that there would be access issues and a likely increase in temporary impacts during construction on nearby residents and a local school.

Following this, we commissioned technical studies to further consider whether the vent shaft and or auto transformer could be located elsewhere other than Site 18, so as to avoid all or some of the impact of HS2's proposals on our regeneration plans.

This included considering the option of the Canterbury Works site and how any impact to the surrounding area could be mitigated.

Our technical studies demonstrated that while noise and vibration from construction traffic will require more mitigation at the Canterbury Works site, effects in other respects - including effects on transportation and visual impacts - would be less significant than under the current HS2 proposals.

Overall, we believe any disadvantages in relocating the HS2 works to the Canterbury Works Site are outweighed by the wider benefits to the borough of allowing the Site 18 element of the South Kilburn Regeneration Programme to go ahead as planned.

HS2 have since agreed with our recommendation and are now proposing to move the site of one of the tunnel’s ventilation shafts from Salusbury Road to Canterbury Works.

As Canterbury Works is next to a school and close to existing residents we will make sure that the impact of the shaft is mitigated.  It has commissioned studies which show that most of the impact will be during construction.

We are in dialogue with HS2, the school and local residents to discuss the proposed change and suitable mitigation measures.

HS2 ventilation shaft relocated

The Secretary of State has agreed to relocate the HS2 ventilation shaft to Canterbury Works in Kilburn; this means the South Kilburn Regeneration Project will now be able to progress as planned. 

Here is the full statement from the Secretary of State:

“Since the deposit of the Council’s petition against the HS2 Bill, the Secretary of State promoted Additional Provision 4 on 12 October 2015 in relation to the proposed relocation of the ventilation shaft to Canterbury Works in Kilburn.

On 27 January 2016, the Secretary of State gave the Council an undertaking to enter into an agreement with the Council to carry out the HS2 development in such a way so as to facilitate the Council’s South Kilburn Regeneration Project.

The Council subsequently agreed that it would not appear before the Select Committee of the House of Commons to further the Council’s petition. 

The Council and the Secretary of State have now entered into the agreement that was referred to in the undertaking.  Together, the agreement and Additional Provision 4 address the matters raised in the Council’s petition.

This means that the South Kilburn Regeneration Project will not be affected by the ventilation shaft and the Secretary of State has agreed to relocate the shaft to Canterbury Works in Kilburn.”

October 2015 update

We held two information-sharing events with HS2 in October to talk to local residents about the relocation of the vent shaft and answer questions.

Almost one hundred people attended, viewed the plans and spoke to representatives from HS2 and Brent Council.

On 12 October 2015 HS2 published their ‘Additional Provision 4’ document which includes the relocation of the vent shaft from Salusbury Road to Canterbury Works.  The petitioning period for Additional Provision 4 will finish on 13 November 2015. Find out more.

On 16 October 2015 HS2 announced a consultation on the Environmental Statement for Additional Provision 4. This consultation will finish on 27 November 2015. Find out more.