South Kilburn Residents’ Ballot

The council held a residents’ ballot in South Kilburn in autumn 2019 to make sure that the community continued to support the award-winning regeneration of the estate.

Eligible residents, living in blocks due to be demolished, were asked whether they wanted the planned regeneration to continue during a three-week period between Friday 20 September and Monday 14 October.  

The result saw residents overwhelmingly back the council’s plans to rebuild the neighbourhood. 84% of residents voted Yes in the ballot, with 72% of residents taking part in the vote.

The ballot was organised as part of a new initiative from the Mayor of London, giving local people the final say on the future of their neighbourhoods. The guidelines on who could vote in the ballot were set by the Mayor. It was managed by Electoral Reform Services, an independent body appointed by the council to oversee the ballot. 

Our Landlord Offer to you

The Landlord Offer to residents explains what council tenants, leaseholders and households in temporary accommodation will gain from the regeneration.

All current tenants are guaranteed to get a modern, safe and comfortable home on the rebuilt estate if they want one, while leaseholders can either choose to leave the estate with a market value payment for their home, or stay with a share of the equity in one of the new homes. Households living in temporary accommodation will be entitled to a secure tenancy in a new home on the estate when one becomes available.

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