How will the ballot work?

This page explains why there is a ballot, how it will work, when you can vote and who is in charge.

We will also be holding a series of weekly drop in sessions before and during the ballot. If you would like to talk to someone at any time, please email

Why is there a ballot?

Rebuilding South Kilburn is expensive. To help pay for it, the council has bid for a contribution from the Greater London Authority. To receive that funding, we have to check that you support our plans to continue the award-winning regeneration. The ballot is your opportunity to reconfirm that you support the ongoing regeneration of South Kilburn.

Who is in charge of the ballot?

We have appointed Electoral Reform Services (ERS) as an independent body to organise and run the ballot. ERS has been managing ballots for organisations including the NHS, trade unions and other local authorities since 1988. This will be a secret ballot and ERS will never tell Brent Council, or anyone else, how residents have voted.

If you would like to speak to Electoral Reform Services about the ballot, or if you have lost/spoiled your ballot paper, please call 020 8889 9203 or email

Who can vote?

The guidelines on who can vote are set by the Greater London Authority. You can vote if you have lived in one of the blocks below for at least 12 months and are one of the following:

  • An existing lead council tenant, or household in temporary accommodation
  • A resident leaseholder
  • Aged 16 or over and have also been on the housing waiting list for at least 12 months.

Blocks that are part of the South Kilburn regeneration programme:

  • Austen House
  • Blake Court
  • Carlton House 113 – 128
  • Carlton House 97 – 112
  • Craik Court
  • Crone Court
  • Dickens House
  • Exeter Court
  • Hereford House
  • John Ratcliffe House
  • Masefield House
  • Neville House
  • William Dunbar House
  • William Saville House
  • Winterleys
  • Wordsworth House
  • Zangwill House

How will it work?

If you are eligible to vote, you will receive a voting pack in the post in a white ERS branded envelope by 20 September 2019. You can cast your vote straight away by post, using the pre-paid envelope provided, online, through a secure website, or telephone. Instructions on how to vote will be included with the ballot paper. The voting period will last three weeks. No minimum number of votes is needed for the result to stand, only a majority of over 50%.

What is the question?

The question is: ‘Are you in favour of the proposal to continue the regeneration of South Kilburn?’ You can vote either Yes or No. 

What does the question mean?

If we continue the regeneration of South Kilburn, the affected blocks will be demolished and rebuilt on a phased basis. Our landlord offer to you explains what you will gain as a council tenant, household in temporary accommodation or leaseholder.

In the event of a majority NO vote, work on buildings that is already underway will continue. However, the council will have to reconsider if the rest of the programme is affordable. This might mean that we cannot build the planned new council homes and services.

When is the last day I can vote?

All votes must be received by ERS by 5pm on Monday 14 October 2019. If you choose to vote by post, be sure to allow enough time for your ballot paper to be returned before the deadline.

When will I find out the result?

By 21 October 2019 ERS will send a letter to you confirming the result.

Can I get independent advice?

Communities First provide free independent advice to all residents. You can contact Louis or Peter at Communities First on FREEPHONE 0300 365 7150 or by emailing

What is the council doing to improve the quality of new buildings?

We monitor each building closely. For a new building to be handed over from the developer to the council, it must meet the highest standards of build quality and be inspected by a council officer.

We are working with landlords to resolve issues from some of the early phases of the programme as quickly as possible. We continuously look to improve all areas of our business, including with new build housing. In the last 18 months, developments that are part of the South Kilburn regeneration have won leading industry awards, including Development of the Year and Best Design (Kilburn Quarter).

We are in the process of creating a ‘South Kilburn Neighbourhood Management Group’ which will bring together all landlords with properties in this area. It will develop a standard level of service for all residents, particularly for managing neighbourhoods.  All landlords agree residents should be involved in the Group, and will be contacting residents in September 2019. This will initially focus on existing blocks which are not being regenerated.

If you have any concerns, please speak to your Property Manager or email: