Information for council tenants and households in temporary accommodation


This page explains how council tenants and households in temporary accommodation will benefit from voting Yes in the residents ballot.

If we continue the redevelopment of South Kilburn, you will get:

  • A new home on the estate, or the option to move to another council home / housing association property elsewhere if you prefer
  • A £6,400 home loss payment when you move
  • Removals, and other reasonable moving expenses, paid for
  • A home that is the right size for your needs
  • A home adapted to your needs, if you have a disability
  • Choice of kitchen fittings (where possible) and flooring, plus wall paint colour
  • A safe and secure home, meeting all current building regulations
  • A well-insulated and easy to heat home
  • Disturbance payments, where relevant.

New homes

All new homes will be least as big compared to existing homes in South Kilburn. For example, a new two-bedroom flat in the proposed Hereford & Exeter development will be 79 meters squared, compared with 72 meters squared in the existing building.

You can find out more about the moving process, new homes and your rehousing options here

South Kilburn tenancies

All tenants who move into a council property will be offered a lifetime tenancy. Tenants moving into housing association properties will be offered a tenancy which has been designed with the same terms and conditions as the council tenancy, such as: the preserved right to buy.

Households in temporary accommodation

Households living in temporary accommodation in South Kilburn now have the same rights as council tenants for new homes in the area, when they become available. This means you will now also be entitled to a new home on the estate, with the same tenancy agreement as existing secure tenants, if the majority of residents vote Yes.  

If you would like to talk to someone about your options, you can visit one of our drop in sessions or email