Phase 3b - Carlton Vale Boulevard

Carlton Vale is set to be transformed into an ecologically diverse, tree-lined avenue with re-imagined public spaces and better transport links. This new Green Infrastructure project in the heart of South Kilburn will be known as Carlton Vale Boulevard, building upon the Masterplan Consultation sessions previously held.

The Carlton Vale Boulevard proposals will take in Carlton Vale (B413) bound by Queens Park station in the west and the junction at Kilburn Park Road, in the east.

The newly designed areas along the boulevard will aim to include high quality street furniture envisaged to be crafted from natural materials and a diverse landscaping offering to promote the area as a public space for people living in South Kilburn.

The tree-lined avenue will promote better air quality in the surrounding areas and will encourage wildlife to thrive. This will be an area that will be attractive, not only to local residents, but to cyclists and pedestrians, too, who will be able to enjoy the green passage of flora and fauna natural habitats throughout the seasons.

A network of cycle lanes and walkways will promote greener, healthier ways to travel and will conveniently connect the north and south halves of the boulevard. The soft landscape will create a green ‘break’ between the ongoing regeneration in South Kilburn.

This summer (2020) will be hosting a series of design workshops and consultation sessions to take forward the design proposals. Details of these workshops will be made available in the near future.

For more information or if you would like to get involved please contact James Cooper on 020 8937 6832.