Hereford House and Exeter Court

The redevelopment site comprising of Hereford House and Exeter Court forms part of Phase 3b of the South Kilburn regeneration programme. The redevelopment site is often referred to as ‘Hereford and Exeter’.

Hereford and Exeter Final Public Exhibition

The final public exhibition is now live for the Hereford House and Exeter Court project. To view the exhibition, please click here and make sure to check out the exhibition boards, summary booklet, and flythrough video! The entire project team would welcome any feedback, so please make sure to leave any comments.

Scheme architects

The scheme has been designed by award winning architects Karakusevic Carson and Periscope Landscape. They, along with their multi-disciplinary design teams, underwent months of consultation with existing residents living in South Kilburn.

What will Hereford and Exeter deliver?

As part of the design process, a scheme including 247 new homes, a new high quality local park, and retail space has been developed. The scheme will deliver 106 social homes, and 18 shared ownership.

What will happen next?

Designs will be submitted to planning later in 2021.

Completion is expected to take place in phases from 2023 to 2025.