Phase 3a - Gloucester House and Durham Court

Redevelopment of Gloucester House and Durham Court

Planning Permission was granted in 2014 for the Gloucester and Durham site. Brent Council have awarded and entered into a Development and Sale Agreement with Telford Homes Plc. Telford Homes Plc started on site in September 2017 and the works are well underway. The new homes will be completed in phases from 2020. Please see Telford’s website for further information about what the new buildings will feature and what will be delivered in each phase of works.

Telford Homes gets the green light for construction of 236 homes in South Kilburn 4 May 2017.

Telford Homes will deliver this project in partnership with housing association Notting Hill Genesis.

The development will deliver:

  • 235 new homes of which 102 homes will be for affordable social rent and 113 homes for private sale
  • A concierge
  • Basement car parking with 90 car spaces with 24 being disabled parking and 20% having electric car charging points available, with provision for a further 20% in the future
  • An energy centre to provide heating and hot water to the development and future phases of the South Kilburn Regeneration
  • Extensive landscaped areas for public use as well as a secure courtyard and children’s play areas for the exclusive use of residents

Please find links to updates below:

Below are images of what the completed development will look like.

Gloucester House and Durham Court image 1

Gloucester House and Durham Court image 3

The images below provides an update on the progress of works and the transformation of the site.

We will continue to update the images as the development progresses.