Phase 3a - Land North of Chippenham Gardens

5-9 Chippenham Gardens, Kilburn Park Post Office, 4-26 Stuart Road (even numbers only)

The redevelopment site comprising of 4-26 Stuart Road (even numbers only) and 5-9 Chippenham Gardens (former post office site) forms part of phase 3a of the South Kilburn regeneration programme. The redevelopment site is often referred to as the ‘LNCG’ redevelopment site.

The scheme has been designed by award winning architects PRP Architects and the wider multi-disciplinary design team and underwent an  extensive and inclusive consultation process with existing residents and wider stakeholders.

The Planning approved scheme compromises of:

  • 52 new high-quality homes (22 high-quality homes for existing secure tenants of South Kilburn for affordable social rent);
  •  New enhanced Public Square (adopted highway)
  • Wider landscape and highway improvements (Brent Highways intend to adopt Stuart Road and the pathway from Kilburn Park Road to Chippenham Gardens)
  • The scheme is a car-free development.
  • CPZ Parking intends to be implemented along Stuart Road

As part of the South Kilburn Regeneration Decant Strategy some of the existing secure tenants from 1-8 Neville House, 1-64 Winterleys Court, 113-128 Carlton House and 1-71 Blake Court are expected to be rehoused within the new development.

Brent Council are working through the final stages of procurement to appoint a Developer Partner to redevelop the site, which includes  the  new enhanced public square (adopted highway). Should this process be concluded the Council will then provide an update on the envisaged timescales of start on site and envisaged completion timescales and further detail throughout the projects lifecycle.

The typical construction period for this type of development varied between 18 – 24 months.

Please note: the envisaged start times are indicative only and subject to change. Should there be any changes to the project or timescales his will be communicated to the community.

The Council is committed to delivering an accessible and varied range of social value and employment initiative for local residents as part of each development.

For further information regarding the site please do not hesitate to contact us on or 0208 937 6140