South Kilburn Supplementary Planning Document 2017


The South Kilburn Supplementary Planning Document was adopted by the Council in June 2017. It supplements London and Brent planning policies. It provides greater detail on how it is anticipated the South Kilburn Growth Area will be regenerated in the coming years. It was informed by the The six month strategic Masterplan Review 2016.

Masterplan Review 2016

The Masterplan Review 2016 was a six month strategic review which started in July 2016 and concluded in December 2016.
This involved reviewing the current phasing proposals (when each phase of the project is currently expected), timelines (key dates for the project), public realm (covering areas such as streets, plants and trees), and much more to ensure that the revised Masterplan addressed current community needs, programme requirements, new planning policies and the latest standards set by institutions such as the GLA (Greater London Authority).Ultimately the proposals needed to be viable and deliverable.

A key and important element of the South Kilburn Regeneration Programme was and inclusive approach and the continued community participation to help its evolution.

We strongly believed that engaging the community throughout this process would help to make South Kilburn an even better place to live.

Final Proposal Highlights

Outcome of the Masterplan Review 2016

  • Continue to re-balance the existing housing stock across the area to transform the area into a sustainable and mixed neighbourhood.
  • Create a real sense of place and belonging by meeting the needs of the existing residents but also creating sustainability for generations to come.
  • Continue to meet the latest quality standards and planning policies.
  • Include additional opportunity sites which will offer circa 400 new high quality homes Coming forward for redevelopment and offer intermediate tenure which will be developed with our developer partners in some of the future sites.
  • Introduce new open spaces through 7 pocket parks, a new Enterprise Hub, additional community spaces and additional to retail facilities.
  • Continue to fulfil the fundamental principle of the South Kilburn Regeneration Programme, whereby every existing South Kilburn secure council tenant who wishes to stay in the area has an opportunity to do so.
  • Work with our developers and contractors to look at offering employment and training opportunities to local residents, when sites are brought forward for redevelopment.
  • Pursue the introduction of cycle docking stations from TfL/Santander.