Since 2019 we have worked together with you, alongside industry experts, to create the best possible plans for the Future St Raph’s. We have had thousands of conversations with residents from 637 households - more than 80% of the community who have shaped the masterplan options

The conversations we had with you in the first few months established a set of Design Priorities which were then double (and triple) checked through the masterplan workshops and exhibitions.

The Design Priorities set out what St Raph’s residents want to achieve as a priority in any development:

  • Modern, high quality homes, including both flats and houses and with private outdoor space for everyone
  • Multi-functional community hub with flexible use for people of all ages, and spaces for local businesses
  • Improvements to parking and streets
  • Better safety and security
  • Enhanced green, play and public spaces
  • Well-designed spaces for waste and recycling.