We are committed to ensuring that the development of options for the future of St Raphael’s is led by the community. This means we will work with residents, local businesses, homeowners and stakeholders at every step

We will look at all possibilities for homes, open spaces, public buildings and services including shops. Nothing is decided. Because the options need to be affordable, and to comply with national and local planning policy, the council will steer the process. But ultimately residents will make the final decision about any option that is delivered.

Listening to you

It’s important that everyone has the chance to have their say. That’s why a big consultation has been taking place. Since December 2018, we have held public meetings, drop in sessions, workshops and a community day. We have also been door knocking on the estate, speaking to as many people as possible.

After every community event, workshop and exhibition the design team will collect and analyse the feedback to consider how they can incorporate your thoughts into the development of design proposals. 

Upcoming events

We will be holding more events for you to give us your feedback. They will give you a chance to get to know the architects and learn about the process to create future options for the estate. 

If you would prefer not to attend events, you can feedback via conversations and email