How to get involved

Will meetings be based on St. Raphael's Estate and will you vary the times and dates so everyone has a chance to attend?

Yes, we have organised four drop in sessions at different times of the day in the morning, afternoon and evening on a range of dates to maximise the opportunity for local people to attend at a time that suits them. Occasionally we will need to hold meetings off the estate where a larger space is required, but we will try to limit this.

Will you involve the existing residents' association in the project?

Yes, but our engagement will not be limited to the residents association as we want as many people who live on St Raphael’s Estate to be involved as possible. There will be a series of drop in sessions on the estate throughout January and February and another public meeting in February in the hope of reaching as many people as possible.

How will you ensure that everyone on the estate is involved and vulnerable residents or people with language barriers aren't missed out of the conversation?

The council and the Independent Advisor will work to ensure everyone is involved. We will ask that anyone who has a specific need or concern should contact us or the Independent Advisor and we will work with you to ensure that you are able to be involved and are able to play a full role in any ballot about a comprehensive redevelopment.

How can you ensure that this is a balanced process, and not a tick box exercise led by the council?

An Independent Advisor is set to be appointed and a Tenants/Residents’/ Stakeholders Board set up. The council is absolutely committed to ensuring this is a resident’s led project. The council cannot proceed with a comprehensive redevelopment of the estate with new homes, new community facilities and a new design for the estate without a ballot of residents and we genuinely want local residents to be at the heart of this process as we work together to decide the future of St Raphael’s Estate.

Who are my local Councillors?

Your local ward Councillors are:

Your Councillors would be happy to discuss any issues with you and their surgeries in St Raphael’s are held on: 3rd Saturday of each month, 11 am to 12 noon at St Raphael's Children Centre, The Community Centre, Rainborough Close, St Raphael’s Estate, NW10 0TS.

Will you improve the bus service on the estate?

The council is not responsible for the buses on the estate, but where we are able to, we will engage with Transport for London to feedback residents’ views.