Information for leaseholders and freeholders


How are leaseholders and freeholders affected, and will this increase service charges?

This will depend on whether infill (partial redevelopment/refurbishment) or comprehensive redevelopment is chosen by St Raphael’s Estate residents and who is affected. It is too early to be able to comment on service charges.

As a leaseholder/freeholder what can I do if I wish to sell my property, will I still be able to and will the council buy my property?

If infill (partial redevelopment/refurbishment) is chosen, there will be no need for the council to buy any properties. However, if comprehensive redevelopment is chosen, the council will be obliged to purchase any leasehold or freehold properties that may be demolished as part of the programme. Should leaseholders or freeholders wish to sell at this time, they should contact the council who may wish to buy their property, please email