Residents Ballot

How will you make sure that all residents are fully informed before proceeding with a ballot?

The council has already started a series of consultation events and these have been well publicised through door to door leaflets, lamppost banners on the estate and a website.
Working alongside the Independent Advisor and the Tenants/Residents’/ Stakeholders Board we are planning to organise regular face to face meetings on the estate in the future. Information will continue to be distributed to all homes on the estate, through regular newsletters, and will be made available on the website.

The next public meeting is on 27 February, from 6.30pm - 8pm. If residents vote for a comprehensive redevelopment of the estate with new homes, new community facilities and a new design for the estate this would be subject to a vote of eligible residents who live on St Raphael’s before it can go ahead.

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Who can vote in the ballot?

The eligibility is determined by the GLA, please see the extract below from the Affordable Housing Capital Funding Guide:

To ensure resident ballots are consistent across London, IPs do not have discretion to set the voter eligibility criteria for ballots. Ballots must be open to all residents on an existing social housing estate – not just those currently occupying homes that are due to be demolished – that fall into one or more of the following three eligibility criteria:

  • Social tenants (including those with secure, assured, flexible or introductory tenancies named as a tenant on a tenancy agreement dated on or before the date the Landlord Offer is published – see from paragraph 8.5.11 for further information about the Landlord Offer).
  • Resident leaseholders or freeholders who have been living in their properties as their only or principal home for at least one year prior to the date the Landlord Offer is published and are named on the lease or freehold title for their property.
  • Any resident whose principal home is on the estate and who has been on the local authority’s housing register for at least one year prior to the date the Landlord Offer is published, irrespective of their current tenure.

This last point would include those residents living in temporary accommodation.