Future options

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Improving St Raphael’s for everyone

We want to strengthen the St Raphael’s community for people of all backgrounds, improving the area for future generations. Any future option will aim to make sure everyone can look forward to a positive future on the estate.

Areas involved

Which areas of St Raphael’s are included in the future options will depend partly on the outcome of our engagement work over the summer 2019. That’s why it’s important you get involved and tell us what you think.

Design of new homes

Residents will be involved in the design of new homes in any future option. This will include being part of the selection of the architects’ and shaping the design through workshops. It’s important that you attend these events, to share your thoughts and tell us your feedback.

For the infill development approach, no refurbishment of the estate can take place without new homes being added as they contribute towards the costs.

Open spaces and community facilities

We’re committed to having great, safe, usable green spaces for St Raphael's. As part of the future options, some of the existing green and open space could be retained and improved, and some may need to be built on. However, for the redevelopment approach, we will work to ensure that the amount of usable green space for St Raphael’s residents is not reduced.

Our future engagement work will inform these choices. It will give residents the chance to tell us what kind of facilities they want to see on the green space and across the estate as a whole.


How we pay for a future option to improve the estate will depend which approach is chosen by residents.

The redevelopment approach would see us apply for finance from the Greater London Authority, in addition to council funding and borrowing. In addition, some of the new homes would be sold to private buyers. This would help to pay for the increased council housing and new community facilities.

The infill development approach would be funded by Council through rents collected and borrowing. The council may also be able to get some finance from the Greater London Authority. New community facilities would be unaffordable with this approach.


We will continue to carry out our landlord duties and functions now, and following any decision about the future approach. This will include maintaining the quality of homes and identifying any refurbishment required as part of the future option.

If you want to ask questions about any work already taking place, or to report a problem, email straphs@brent.gov.uk


We will be seeking your input at every stage as we work together to develop future options for St Raphael’s.

The process is split into three stages: Prepare, Plan and Deliver - download the project process

This summer we have a series of events, workshops and training opportunities - download summer 2019 activities

We will update all timescales and future events as they are established.

Things to do