How to get involved

Thank you to all residents who have been involved with us since December 2018. We have had over 950 sign-in's / engagements and there will still be lots of opportunities to talk to us.

8 December 2018 - Resident meeting: The purpose of this meeting was an opportunity for St. Raphael’s residents to find out more and ask questions about the proposed redevelopment of St. Raphael’s Estate.

16 December 2018 – Resident meeting: This event was arranged at short notice as promised at the Children’s Centre event on the 8 December 2018. 

18 January 2019 - Resident meeting: The meeting was to discuss the recruitment process for the Independent Advisor for St. Raphael’s. 

21 February 2019 Resident workshop: At this interactive workshop, you designed over 80 questions you wanted to ask the Independent Advisors who had applied.

27 February 2019 Public meeting: This meeting provided an update to residents on where we are and the next steps. Residents had the opportunity to talk to councillors and senior managers about the future of St Raphael’s.

Tuesday 5 March 2019 Bidders presentation: Over 70 residents attended this presentation where residents heard from two bidders who gave presentations and you asked each of the bidders seven questions which you designed and agreed. You also chose your Independent Advisor PPCR who will provide independent advice to you over the coming months. 

There has been six  drop-in sessions since January 2019, and we carried out a series of door knocking exercises in March 2019.

There was engagement with the community of St. Raphael’s over Summer 2018 – carried out by Your Shout.